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The Yellow Badge of Courage PosterWhen a frustrated insurance salesman quits his job to pursue the dream of being a Hollywood screenwriter his entire life becomes a nightmare. Carl Gunder spends ten months following a mail order course that promises screen writing success in just ten days. Unable to complete even ten pages of a screenplay Carl barrels face first into insanity. The man becomes convinced that a mustard bottle has come to life and is now hell bent on his destruction. What follows is a glimpse into the shattered mind of a writer, a place where movie genres and the film industry meet to form a cartoon world where Carl must prove himself.


The World Premeire was on March 27th 1999, before 500 viewers at the famous Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. It screened at Worldfest in Houston in April, receiving a finalist award.  It screened at the Temecula International Film Festival June, the RiverRun Festival in October and received an Axium Media Silver Award.


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