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The Yellow Badge of Courage PosterDirector’s Bio:

John C. Kelley is a native of Boston Mass and graduated from Boston University with a BS in Broadcasting and Film. He spent nine years as a United States Marine Infantry Officer, during this time he traveled the world, fought in a war, almost died several times and generally picked up other valuable skills applicable to film making. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and new born baby girl and is writing screenplays with his partner John Cameron. The Yellow Badge of Courage is his directorial debut.

John D. Cameron was born in Canada. He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1987. He served six years and fought in the same Battalion as his co-director during Desert Storm.  He currently lives in Los Angeles and is working on the final stages of Realm, a role playing game that will be published in 1999.  His knowledge and passion for film is mostly attributed to spending time on the many productions of his older brother James Cameron. The Yellow Badge of Courage is his directorial debut.

Producer’s Bio:

Peter J. Barnett is currently the Producer of HBO's comedy hit "ARLI$$". He was the Supervising Producer on "The Thin Green Line” for the Outdoor Life Network and has produced the award winning films “Yellow Badge of Courage” and  “Mulligans” starring Tippi Hedren.  Currently he is representing the critically acclaimed Canadian feature “Extraordinary Visitor” and developing several projects, including fiction/non-fiction books and screenplays in many genres.  He has vast experience in feature production finance having worked in production accounting for HBO on “Lloyd What Happened”, “Lansky”, “The Rat Pack” and “Poodle Springs”, also for New Line Cinema on “American History X”, “Alone” for ShowTime, “Spy Hard” and “Romy & Michele” for Disney. At Walt Disney Pictures he was responsible for budgeting several motion pictures to include “Mr. Wrong”, “Eddie”, “The Rock” and “Con Air”.


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