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Two Golf windows on a midnight adventure!

Mulligans! follows two golf widows, Dottie (Tippi Hedren) and Madge (Marcia Rodd), who, after consuming too many martinis at their country club, decide to execute Madge's deceased husband's last wish -- to have his ashes strewn in the sand trap beside the 16th green, where the late Harvey had once hit a hole-in-one. So, "borrowing" a golf cart, with fresh cocktails and bronze urn in hand, off into the darkening night they go!

Trouble, naturally, follows. Surviving confrontations with a greenskeeper, a "wild" spaniel, and several water sprinklers, the bedraggled duo finally wend their way back to the club's Men's Locker Room to clean up before heading home, failed in their mission?











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