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Extraordinary Visitor PosterOn the eve of the millennium, God is fed up with man's greedy ways. He is about to pull the plug on the "human experiment", but allows one last divine intervention. A visitor (St. John The Baptist) is allows to return to find just one hope for mankind. If he does, the world is saved. Only problem....he has just seven days!

Film East Inc. was formed in 1993 by producers Paul Pope and Jennice Ripley and writer/director John Doyle. The focus of the company is on artist-driven projects that are fully entrenched in taking advantage of the wealth of comedic talent and stories that abound in Newfoundland.

Although the company is relatively new, the three partners have  years of experience and diverse backgrounds that span independent filmmaking, theatre, radio and commercial production. The partners have been actively involved in developing original scripts. EXTRAORDINARY VISITOR is one of these.

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