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Extraordinary Visitor PosterJOHN W DOYLE (Director): John Doyle brings to EXTRAORDINARY VISITOR, his first feature, 25 years of eclectic professional experience that encompasses independent filmmaking, acting, writing and broadcasting. His distinctive style of intelligent satire and subtle wit is a trademark of his work, which includes the short dramas Scream Creampuff, St. John's Youth Test, Too Hard to Touch; the pioneering current affairs soap opera Oil in the Family, written for CBC radio; and his own award-winning signature show, The Doyle Bulletin, written and hosted for CBC radio. Doyle has also directed two television dramas, Bourgeois Legacy and Season on the Water.

MARY WALSH (Cast - Marietta): Mary Walsh plays Marietta, a cable talk show host who's planning to ride the Millennium wave to stardom. A prominent national figure in television, theatre and screen, Walsh has been honoured with many Gemini awards for her excellence in writing and performing for CBC Television's This Hour Has 22 Minutes and CODCO.

ANDY JONES (Cast - Rick): Andy Jones plays Rick, a junk dealer and inventor who wants to bring the cult of greed to its knees. A veteran of comedy, Jones is perhaps best known as a member of the award-winning and irreverent CODCO comedy troupe of Newfoundland, which delighted critics and the public alike for 20 years on television, stage and screen.

RAOUL BHANEJA (Cast - John the Baptist): EXTRAORDINARY VISITOR marks Raoul Bhaneja's feature film debut in the role of John the Baptist. Television credits include Traders, featured roles on Ken Finkleman's The Newsroom and Bruce MacDonald's Twitch City.

BRIAN HEBB, CSC (Director of Photography): Brian Hebb is a Toronto-based DOP who has worked extensively in both Canada and the US. His filmography includes the TV series Goosebumps, The Ray Bradbury Theatre, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and The Twilight Zone.

JENNICE RIPLEY (Producer): Jennice Ripley's work as a producer includes the television dramas Dooley Gardens (1998) and The Elf (1996), documentaries such as Changing Minds (1994), Puppets Against AIDS: Township to Tundra (1993) and Thinking Positive (1993) and the feature film Secret Nation (1992). 

PAUL POPE (Producer): Paul Pope is an independent producer whose work includes the documentaries In Caribou Country (1998), Eye of the Storm (1997), and Lend Me Your Ears (1996); and the feature films Secret Nation (1992), Welcome to Canada (1998), and Undertow (1984)

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