Nova Pictures is a Development, Production and Distribution Company.  We are listed in both the Hollywood Creative Directory and the Hollywood Distributors Directory. The company has optioned several books and scripts,  produced award winning shorts such as "The Yellow Badge of Courage" and distributed award winning feature films including "Extraordinary Visitor".

We look for quality material in any stage of development or completed projects. We are a filmmaker friendly company that looks for partnerships with other filmmakers.

Our staff has a vast background in Film/Television production, Film Finance, Budgeting and Accounting. Our staff can provide several production services, at any stage of production.

For screenplay submissions, please send a brief pitch or synopsis to us via e-mail. For completed films send us a brief description and status of the film via e-mail and we will ask for a screening copy to be sent. Thank you for your submissions.

President - Peter J. Barnett

Hollywood, CA



Recently, Mr. Barnett produced Webisodes for the NBC show Heroes. Last year he was the producer for the HBO comedy series “12 Miles of Bad Road” and the HBO comedy series pilot “Eastbound and Down”. Prior to that he was a Production Executive at HBO overseeing several productions. He has worked for The Fred Silverman Company as a production consultant and was the Co-Producer of CSI: MIAMI during season two. Prior to that he was the Producer of the HBO original comedy series ARLI$$. He was an Executive Producer for, a James Cameron Company that produced a live media web cast of the IMAX presentation of “Ghosts of the Abyss” and a live HD broadcast of the 2001 Arthur C. Clarke Gala. He was the Supervising Producer on “The Thin Green Line”, an environmental TV Show for the Outdoor Life Network. He has produced the award winning film “The Yellow Badge of Courage”, on the SciFi Channel. He also produced a commercial for the US Navy and has been a producer/writer on several award winning commercial spots airing on MTV, FX, Nick-at-Night and E!

He is founder of Nova Pictures, which develops projects and distributes films. Through Nova Pictures, he released the critically acclaimed and award winning Canadian feature Film “Extraordinary Visitor”. He has vast experience in Television/Feature production finance having worked in production finance for HBO on “The Mind of the Married Man”, “Lloyd What Happened”, “Lansky”, “The Rat Pack” and “Poodle Springs”, for TV Land’s “Dick Van Dyke Revisited”, Nickelodeon’s “Drake & Josh”, also for New Line Cinema on “American History X” and “Alone” for ShowTime. For FOX TV, “The Inside” and “The Loop”.

At Walt Disney Pictures he was responsible for budgeting several motion pictures to include “Eddie”, “The Rock”, “Phenomenon” and “Con Air”. He also worked on Hollywood Picture’s “Spy Hard” and Touchstone Picture’s “Romy & Michele”.

Mr. Barnett is a graduate of California State University Northridge, holding a degree in Film and Television Production. He also graduated with honors from Webster University receiving a Masters in Business Management. At UCLA he has taught Film Making and has been a guest speaker in several Film/TV Production courses.

In addition Mr. Barnett is a Colonel in the United States Marine Corps where he served as a fixed wing and helicopter pilot amassing over 3000 flight hours. He is a recipient of two Air Medals for Heroic Achievement. He served in Southwest Asia during the Gulf War, Thailand, Malaysia, and Korea in Operations/Intelligence. He continues his service as a reserve recruiting officer in Los Angeles.

Mr. Barnett is a member of the Producers Guild of America, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (Producers Group), American Film Institute, American Cinematheque, Scriptwriters Network, and the Hollywood Arts Council.


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